In 1944 my father landed shortly after D Day on the coast of Normandy. He was in the Royal Air Force Servicing Commandos, he helped build and run emergency landing strips behind the front line.


INVAS4 copy


This document is particularly interesting to me. Knowing the RAF as I do I cannot believe the light hearted tone to this. At about this time Air Vice-Marshall Harry Broadhurst D.S.O., D.F.C., A.F.C.was billeted with my uncle and aunt..

These documents are not exactly Austin 7 oriented but do, I think, give an insight to what was going on at the time..







letter2087This letter is telling units off for not burying dead animals and burying humans in the wrong places! This is dated 23rd July 1944, seven weeks or so after D Day.



Another piece of history may well be directly linked to BBM69, it is an invitation to a dance at a USAF base. Monty and Phyllis could well have driven to the dance in BBM. Note Glen Miller is playing.




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