BBM69 had an experience to savour last night, we were invited to a drive in movie at The Classic Motor Hub, Bibury.  The film was the 1942 classic, Casablanca.  Very entertaining.  As you can see it was very dark, and very wet, it rained the whole time we were there.  We had been invited to attend by Martin Chisholm Director of the Hub.  We were definitely the oldest car viewing the film.  I think we had a Porsche on either side of us.

We had the usual problems for an Austin Seven, we quickly steamed up and we had no radio to tune in to the film sound, that was fixed by using ear fitting radios.  Driving back to our B&B was a bit fraught, with dark roads, dark verges and lots of rain.


One of the cars for sale in the hub a lovely dusty Rolls Royce.


Instructions to tune your radio, if you had one!


Very dark, BBm is usually tucked up by this time.


One of the, three, musical acts performing on the evening.  Also available were champagne, popcorn and candy floss.  A real experience with very friendly people when asked what car we had we said “an Austin”,  question back “An Austin Martin?” er, not quite.


Like the car, not sure about the colour!  Good in a Mediterranean country with plenty of sun.  1923 AMILCAR CC.CS WITH BAL D’OR COACHWORK  £32,995,00

Before going to the Hub we had lunch in the Bull in Burford, a very nice pub, we then drove to Bibury to have a look round.  Bibury is the most visited village in the Cotswolds, most favoured by the Japanese.  BBM was a big hit, and when allowed to sit in her the smiles were non stop.

Thank you Martin for the generous invitation.