This is the blurb we put in the brochure for 2019.

BBM69 is a 1937 Austin Seven Ruby Saloon.  Dianne first drove BBM on her 17th birthday, the car had been bought by her father in 1944 for £75.  Dianne and her father resprayed the car in the early 60’s, with lots of rubbing down and more coats of paint!

In 1964 we went on our Honeymoon in BBM and then used her as our car for work and shopping.  Those were the days of pea soup fog; I remember driving with my head out of the window trying to see ahead.  Now the car is modified for modern motoring with LED headlamp bulbs, flashing indicators and uprated brakes and suspension.

We have replaced the engine this year, luckily we have two engines for the car, both of them with modern Phoenix crankshafts.  So we always have a spare!  They both drip oil though!  Sadly, the front seat bottoms are in need of restoration, not surprising after 82 years and thousands of miles of driving.  BBM is still a very comfortable car to sit in and drive, with her Mosley float on air cushions.

BBM69 was honoured to be awarded First Place on the inaugural Roger Cook Cotswold Classic Run in 2017.



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