For Drive it Day 2016 a splinter group of the Bristol Austin Severn Club drove up to our village of Eastington.  Meeting at our wonderful pub The Old Badger for lunch.  Very nice it was to.  While chatting in the car park numerous classic cars drove past, also taking advantage of the good weather.   Though asked to lead I declined, as we had only driven a short distance and BBM69 was still cold.  We need to be fully warmed up for the drive up Froucester Hill.  We made it all the way to Woodchester Park, all of three miles I should think, then enjoyed a peaceful walk down to the Mansion.  An unfinished folly really, all in all a wonderful little trip out.

Ready for the short drive to Woodchester Park.

IMG_1907fix3 (2)

Photograph:  David Price

The shield is from the Pre-War Austin Seven Club stand at the 2015 Classic Car Show in the Birmingham NEC.  It was the second time BBM69 has been on display, representing the final version of the wonderful Austin Seven.

The late Ruby is well known as  “The best little car Austin ever made”