We bought a back axle complete some years ago, that was fitted to BBM69 and is still on the car. This spare axle is the one that we ran in the 50’s and 60’s so time for a rebuild and update.

Having parted the axle case it was clear a lot of red hermatite had been used in the past. It is important to clean off old sealent and leave a smooth serface for the new gasket and sealent.

Drifting out the roller bearing outer race.

Important to ensure the oil passage to the roller bearing is clear.

I am fitting new nitrile seals to the inner half shaft. These fit into the steel cup and then are araldited in place. New, larger ones are availiable that can be sized to fit directly into the axle, doing away with the cup, washer and spring.

I had a real problem re-fitting the circular spring clip holding the seal plate. I have been advised to use a jubilee clip to compress it, then push into position, simple!

Ckecking for 5 thou” backlash between crown wheel and pinion.